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We understand the investment you’re making in the health of your employees and their families. Let us help you protect that investment.

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As an employer, the investment you make in your employees’ health competes with capital investments, expansion decisions, and other strategic priorities. Employees’ decisions directly affect your bottom line.  So we help them make better ones.

At HooPayz, we work with employers to reduce overall healthcare costs and increase workplace productivity by engaging employees in cost-saving behaviors.

Real Results with the HooPayz Platform

Our results speak for themselves!

Two employees discussing employee benefits and their employer health insurance. Employees working together as a team to save money on their employer health insurance.


Less Work, Great Outcomes!

We work with your HR team, offering the support you need to understand employee behavior and capitalize on savings opportunities.

Employee Engagement

Save money, lower stress! We teach your team to be better healthcare consumers.

Incentive Program

Encourage employees to make smarter healthcare decisions with HooRewards.


Educate to save! Comprehensive communications based on employees’ benefit.

HR Support

HooPayz works as an extension of your HR team.


Find every opportunity to save –  track trends, engagement, and savings.


A Fit for Every Client

We work with clients of all sizes including: self-insured and fully-insured employers, associations, TPAs, captive plans and local governments. As an independent company, we are not owned or affiliated with any health plan, insurance company or provider.

We understand that each client has a distinct culture, competitive environment, and financial expectations. Because we value our client relationships, we provide the personal attention you need to navigate the current environment.

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